Above our 1968 Wright after being restored in 2014.  The "yellow" is original jell coat after polishing.

The engine was taken from our 1975 Cole TR2 which was repowered.  This engine is a Chevy 427BB built "old school" with high compression (10.25 -1).  Two 660 Hollies & a Hunt Magneto.

To the right are the seats found in the Wright.  They are still good seats, but were stiff and took a lot of needing to soften up.  $69 in 1960s dollars is like $350 today ! 

During the restoration, we decided to keep the last registration sticker as well as the license plate.

Below the "Wright" as found in a barn in 2005.

Wriedt ( Wright) Hulls

Note:  We found some notes!  Jerry Wiedent is (was?) the designer and builder of this hull.  He formed the company, Crown Marine.  Still do not know where or when, but assume it was in the late 1960s.

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