Boat "as found, 2000"

Scott Warner of Marble Falls, Texas submitted this photo of his 1967 Rayson - Craft for our enjoyment.  He  and the family run the boat at a local lake and says they are about the only "classic" v-drive on the water.  We understand that comment !     Thank you Scott and get a lot more time on that hour meter.  BoB

Rayson - Craft Boats

"Granny Goose" is a 1962 flat bottom 18 foot Rayson Craft that we purchased in 2002 and completed it's restoration in 2014.  The boat has had four owners.  The first had it for just one season, the second used it for 37 years and I got a lot of ski time behind it.  The third owner again had it for one season before selling it to us.  It has turned out to be a sweet cruising boat.  The engine is a stock Chevy 454, the v-drive is an Aero Marine, and it runs a Borg-Warner Velvet Drive hyd. transmission.  The v-drive gears are "hypoid" cut much like a car rear end which makes it very quiet.  The cavitation plates operate by an electro-mechanical system from a 1959 Caddy convertible.  It shifts from a handle on the dash.

Rudy Ramos - Owner and Builder.

of Gardena, CA

2021 - "Granny Goose" gets some detail work