60.  Fuel plumbing

4.  Locating the engine (a 215ci Buick V-8) on the engine bunks.

56.  The entire hull "cap" is sealed with penetrating epoxy sealer

42.  First test "set" of the strut

49.  First (of many) coat of varnish.

61.  The tool box.

43.  Test "set" of the scaggs.

1.  Lofting of frames in full scale.

As found on the August 1952 cover of Speed & Spray Magazine

33.  Backing up the vertical seam on each side.

17.  Installing the hull chine.

25.  Finishing the engine bunks.

62.  Sanding the deck cap in preparation for varnish..

39.  Rolling hull on to the dolly.

52.  An "all wood" Scoop is built to cover the two carbs.

50.  First setting of the outboard steering.

Pacific One Design Hydro

A note to anyone that may have grand fathers, or older relatives that have knowlage of these boats .  Below are photos of some of the boats that raced in this race class.  A relative of Mike's who was drafted in WW2 and never came back to finish his build, inspired these two builds.  If any of you have information about those who built and raced these boats we would love the have you share with us.  This class started in the late 1930s and was active through the mid 1950s.  Thanks in advance for any information that you may have.

O-54 "Jane's Bane"   2020

Owned by Bob & Jane Dowling of Stockton, CA

This is the last known PODH to have been produced.  It is not a legal race boat in that it is powered by an all aluminum 215 cu in. Buick V-8 rather then the spec. Ford V-8 60 Flat Head.

O-3 "Jericho" & O-5  1940

                 name & owners not yet known 


67. the hull gets a seat and side panels.

13. more frame work.

                                                                    A 1940  start of race proto

O-9 not identified, but was used pre & post war  O-13 not yet identified, O-14 not yet identified, O-4 "Idolon" not yet identified, O-3 "Jerico"  no more info yet, O-6 "Pudgey" no more info yet.

36.  Building the electrical tray.

47.  Setting the steering mount plate.

9.  Assembly of the hull jig.

45.  The hull progresses.

68. Boat name, Race Number, and logos are added.

11.  The drive train gets an upgrade.  Added a neutral "in/out" box.

           Two PODHs from 1952

#O-10 "Swee-pea"  owned by Pete Pierce & Chuck Powel

​# O-24 "Cherub II"  owned and driven by Dr. J.L. Novotny

O-6 "Pudgy" 1940

Ran post war as "Little Scotch"

35.  Boring the prop shaft hole.

26.  Installing the side battens.

Finishing the hull cap.  Bow to Transom

14. Setting the keel.

22.  Machined parts for the in/out assembly.

8.  Assembly of the drive train.

27.  Installing the gunnel strip.

Mike Johnson's "Pegasus" while under construction.

46.  Sealing the outer hull

40.  Big mile stone, the hull comes off of the jig!

2. A scale modle of the build

34.  Fiber glassing the hull bottom.

O-20 "Outlaw" 1940

Owner and Driver not yet known.

After Painting and Varnishing the Hull it was brought home for the finish work -  Seats and Logos 

20.  Bottom battens installed.

30.  Finish plywood on transom.

First  installation of the engine in the hull

48.  Setting the fuel fill & cap.

63.  The wiring is started.

32.  Starting the trailer frame modifications.  

7. All 16 hull frames are assembled.

The engine has been removed for some further tune up work plus room made for some plumbing revisions inside the hull.

18.  Installing the bottom battens.

5. Finding the proper engine alignment

3. Gluing up the transom

37.  More trailer progress.

55.  The first coat of clear sealer is applied.

57.  After several coats of clear.  The center plank is "African Mahogany", the light strips are "White Oak"

O-53 "Pegasus" 2019

Owned by Mike & Lupie Johnson of Walnut Creek, CA

This is a legal built PODH powered by a  Ford Flat Head  V-8 60

23.  The finished power take off.

12. Setting the bow stem.

59.  The hull cap is finished as far as Epoxy work.  A lot anf sanding and varnish work to come.

28.  Finished in/out assembly.

O-53 "Pegasus" 2017  

O-54 "Jane's Bane is to the left under construction

24.  Resetting the engine.

Building a 1930s PODH  (Pacific One Design Hydro )

Here are some updates of the progress  for the above project.  This is a "Sister"  build  of the first boat listed above.

16.  Installing the engine accessories.

O-10 "Swee'pea" 1940

Owners Pete Pierce & Chuck Powel

1950s driven by Foster Petrie

66.  The hull & trailer are moved from the wood working shop in Walnut Creek to my shop in Stockton for final fitting out.

51.  Removing the gages to work more on the dash

           O-2 "8 Ball" 1940

           Owner & Driver Marion Beaver

Post war, a new hull built by Fred Wickens. Marion used the same race number but renamed the boat  "Little Beaver".  Little Beaver was a champion race boat in the 1950s.

64.  Rigging the engine mounts.

21.  Cleaned up trailer frame.

38.  The trailer is progressing.

19.  Finishing the drive train.

29.  Start of the pan modification.

PODH boats from the past

31.  3/8" 7 ply bottom.

10. Setting the frames on the jig.

65.  The hull side panels get some paint

15.  Starting the trailer build.

53.  Some of the screw heads are "plugged" 

44. Gluing the Cowling Frame

58. The Hatch Covers and Cowling are finished seperately.

Seat and side panels in place

O-33 "Hurri-cain II" 1952 

Owned and driven by Harold Chin

41.  The finished pan.

54.  Some matching stripes are added to the scoop.

6. Installing the ignition.