Mandella hulls were made by Louis H. Brummett of Pasadena, CA. 

A 1967 article said the Lou had 15 years experience building his boats, therefore he started in 1952 probably with all wood hulls and then in the early 1960s transitioned to fiberglass like many of the builders at that time. 

Also see - Hannaman Fiberglass for more early  Mandella information.



In the Aug. 1953 issue of Speed & Spray Magazine an all wood  Mandella  owned by Rudy Ramos features a very early v-drive boat powered by a converted automobile engine.  Well before Rudy would start building the all glass Rayson Craft  hulls that he is famous for.  Rudy was just one of the pioneers that started the auto powered v-drive boats that would sweep the boating world in the 1960s and 70s.

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