Kindsvater Flatbottom Boats

Harold Kindsvater started making fiberglass flat bottom v-drive boats in the early 1960s.  His first shop was located in Garden Grove, CA.  Later he had a sales & rigging shop in Burbank, CA.  Over the years he made several hulls, but one of his better hull designs  was his 19 foot flat bottom with a 6 foot beam.  

Clayton Iske uploaded some information in March of 2019 in which he provided some date corrections as to when Harold got started as well as some details about his Kindsvater that he has used  at Skiland and Parker back in the day.  Clayton says that his Kindsvater is sporting the original upholstery, paint, & engine that Harold built for him in 1960.  How cool is that.  Tanks for the updates, Clayton, that is exactly the type of information we need.