A 1964 Howard flat owned by Mark Botelho

By 1964, Howard Brown , designer and builder of Howard Custom Boats of Bellflower, CA , has moved his fiberglass boat business to Paramont, CA.  Howard rigs his boat exclusively using Nicson Engineering Co. fittings.  A Sept. 1965 (we will find it and post it!) shows a Howard "SK" class hull that has run 137.82 MPH in the quarter mile.  Howard specialized in SS (circle) class, Drag, Marathon (circle), & Family ski hulls.  

Note the early cavitation hardware.  Even before "Trimetric".  The operating shaft, standoffs, & operating arms are brazed together as a unit so split pillow blocks are required.  Also note that each block has a grease fitting.

Putting the 1982 Howard together in 2002

This is a 1982 Howard Brown hull owned by Denis Johnson, a friend of ours.  Just another example of a good hull lasting into our time!

Grace & her Howard at CFW 1-01-16.  Note the play on Howard's vintage race boat "How About That"

Howards found at the Needles, CA Boat Show & Fiver Run


Mark and his crew run this super clean boat on the Lakes &  the San Joaquin, Sacramento Rivers Dalta in central Calif.

William Acosta, has sent us these shots of his 1973 Howard shovel nose hydro.  The boat uses a small block Chevy. for power , a Menkens clever  race prop , and an Aero Marine v-drive.   The Aero-Marine is a strong but light gear box but lacks a large selection of gear sets.  We have this  v-drive in the Wright vintage circle boat and it is quiet and works well with about 380 HP.

Howards Custom Boats