An early fiberglass manufacturing company operated by Halray Hannamand and located in Azusa, CA. Apparently early fiberglass companys were used by some of the wood hull designer/builders during the transition from all wood to fiberglass hulls.   

1961 - One of Nine from mold.

Just like we were hoping for, we got some information about this hull.  Apparently it is an early Mandella design and was built before they started  producing hull themselves.  Hulls from this mold (about 6 to 9 made) ran at the 1960 or 61 Parker Nine Hour as well as the Salton Sea 500.  Will have to do some reading and see if we can find some listing of those races.  Apparently Halroy (Hal)  Hannaman is in his 80s and still with us.  Greg provided a phone number and we will try and call him.  This kind of information is just what we hoped for.  Bring it on !

The hull Greg found above is rigged as a ski boat with hail head Buick power.  The race boats referred to ran 392 Hemis. 

Hannaman  Fiberglass Co.