Danny Bell is the Owner of this restored Hallett , "Bird's Eye View"  -  thanks Danny for letting us use these shots for the website. - BoB

Designed by : TomHallet  (spelling correct)

Built by :          Victor & Nick Barron of Barron Boat Works

Built at :           Irwindale, CA.

A Jan. 1965 article said that Barron Boat Works had been building boats for 35 years (1935?).  Vic Hubbard of Haward, CA was a Hallett dealer.    In the 1965 Salton Sea Marathon (125 laps on a four mile course) had 40 boats entered and Hallett hulls took 9th, 36th, & 37th.  Some of the better known Hallett Hydros are "the Golden Thing" & "Bonzi".  Barron also made an inboard called the Barron Sprint.

A 1960 article mentions a Rich Hallet of Downey, CA. 

Hallett's found at the Boat Show Feb. 29, 2016



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