Another feature that says "wood hull" is the side rail and the distinctive "dip" that each hull builder uses.  Jack Sanger & Fred Peterson come to mind for this feature.

These two photos show the Casale Top Loader V-drive box.  Note in the upper photo that the box has the mechanical "forward/ neutral/ & reverse dog house.  This was a cool upgrade for a v-drive box in the 1960s.

This dash follows the design of wood hulls, so it is very probable that the "plug" for this mold was an all wood boat from the late 50 or early 60s.

The FE Ford V-8 power plant.

​​H&M Marine (Holmam & Moody)

Note the distinctive round gunnel at the transom.  One thing that makes this hull distinctive.  The "splash guard" is pretty cool also.

We found this first example of a Holman & Moody v-drive at a hot rod shop in Lodi, CA in Aug of 2019.  The owners had found the boat just a couple of seasons ago and have not had time to work on it.  It is powered by a Ford FE V-8, a-la, H&M build with all of their cool goodies.  We will be visiting this shop soon to get more details of this rare find.  As you know Holman & Moody  are Ford race car engine builders out of the south and also had a west coast marine engine shop in Long Beach, but as far as we knew, did not build hulls.  We will be investigating this story !