Steve Saller, a son of one of the Saller brothers has contacted us and provides the following information:

Steve mentioned that the Saller brothers are now in their 90s, but still functioning (2016).  Steve will pass on information as he gets it from a brother that is looking after Dan &/or Hank.  As far as race boats, the brothers built two boats named "Mixed Emotions" for Ted Phillips.  The boats did well, running 133 MPH with 392 Hemi power.  Steve also remembers (he and his brother would hang out at the shop as kids) that Dan & Hank specialized in making "SK" type ski boats for serious skiers and ski racers.  An "SK" hull is an APBA class with limited cubic inch engines and fixed cavitation plates.  We hope to hear more from Steve Saller as his family provides us with their history.  BoB 

If you have any photos or information about Saller boats, please send it as an e-mail attachment or just "text" us to our cell at (209) 490-3337. 

Dan & Hank Saller of Los Angles, CA. built custom wood boats (16 to 20 foot) in the 1960s.  An early famous race boat of theirs was "Woodpecker".

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