Biesemeyer Boats

Owner & Designer: Rusty Biesmeyer of Phoenix, AZ.

                                   Older brother, Bill started building wood boats in 1952. 

                                    Rusty joined the organization in 1956 and eventually took over the operation. 

                                   They built boats until 1981, but this hull is still the APBA circle boat standard today. 

They built K- boats, SS & SK hulls.  By APBA class, K boats are blown with unlimited CI. SS boats like K boats can have an adjustable plate.   SK hulls are limited to 399 CI and must run a fixed cavitation plate.  E-racers also must have fixed plates and are limited to 310CI on gas or 280 CI on fuel.  If you have a Star fire hull, it started as an F-racing runabout circle hull.  Most circle hulls drive off of the front of the engine and turn a right hand prop to take advantage of the engine torque in the left turns. 

This builder has been selected as the preferred hull for Circle Boat Racing and is used as a class standard.