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Jim Cutter's new project.   An Aqua Craft "K" boat.  This boat has some race history and Jim intends to leave the existing paint and signage intact as it was in 1970s glory days.

Jim hopes to have the boat running this season. We can not wait !

Aqua Craft Hulls were manufactured by Skip Volk of Glendora & later LaVerne, CA.  Fred Wieckens designed and built mostly wood hulls.  When fiberglass came along, Fred made many of the  "plugs" for a number of builders.  One of Freds many  good designs is the Wieckens "Whirlwind"  which  Skip  produced in his shop, giving Fred full credit (and $s) for the design.  Skip & Fred were (are?) a very successful team and long time friends.Fred's Dad, Leo got Fred started in boat building in the 50s.  Fred moved his work into the v-drive world after building "F- Runabouts" an APBA class boat.  He also built "SK" hulls which also was an APBA racing class in the 1960s. 

My friend, Larry's Aqua Craft.

Owner: Skip Volk of Glendora, CA.

Builder: Skip Volk

Designer: (the Whirlwind) - Fred Wieckens

Robert Morris III or "RobbyM3" to us is the owner of this white & blue Aqua Craft that is now the "Feature" boat for this hull make.  Rob just completed this fine restoration and it was my pleasure to run the mighty Colorado River the last week of February 2016 with him & his crew.  Hats off to Rob for keeping this fine line of flat bottom v-drives alive.

Aqua Craft Hulls