You are invited to make comments, suggest corrections, or upload (and download) photos of our v-drive boat projects.

   This site is dedicated to the ones that made these fine boats as well as those of us who are keeping them alive today.  We would like to find a sample of as many of the mentioned hulls & rigging combinations listed as we can.   We also invite any additional information or scans of hulls, hardware, catalogs, & magazines not shown to date.  It is our desire that this library of information just keeps expanding.  Help us to do that.

   Have fun and enjoy, Bob Dowling - webmaster.

This site explores the history of the V-drive powered inboard runabout from the start in the early 1950s through 1984.

Cavatition Plates.

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a Kindsvater

a Kindsvater

a Sanger

a Keaton

a Cole runner bottom


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This site is dedicated to my #2 son, (driver) Christopher Scott Dowling who passed away (way too soon) in 2014.  He was only 43 years old.