the V-drive History Chat & Down/upload Page

​​Jan. 24, 2018 - Well we finally made some progress. 

We now have an "Up Load" feature.  

Thank you for your submission.  BoB

                               Do these steps

1.  Chose a photo from your files.

2.  Waite for the bar to finish loading

3.   Hit submit. 

4.   Read below for adding information about your  photo.

So far only photos, or things photographed can be sent.  After sending your photo, go to my e-mail and leave a message about you boat.  If you want it added to a Hull builder page, let me know.  Include all of the known information about your boat an we will put it up for you.  You can also add information for any of the other categories.

Have fun and enjoy.   

Note: we are still working on the "down load" feature.

May 25, 2019 -   We would like some feedback  on how the "down-load"  feature is working for you.  If we got your submission we would have answered your e-mail and put up any material you have given approval.  If something you submitted did not get answered, please contact us at the e-mail adders (  or  text me  at (209) 470-9397 which is our current cell number.